TCB 20’s コンテスト最終候補者発表/ TCB 20’s contest final 18 contestants

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TCB20’s CONTEST が無事に9月末で終了しました。

1. Kamei Senpai
2. Volvo
3. Yabyoshi
4. Uncle Karl
5. Mariano Vittori
6. Jigsaw
7. Nayuta
8. Milehigh Evertonian
9. NycSurfer
16.Inimitable N!


Hello to all denim heads in the world! Herewith we’d like to announce that TCB20’s Contest safely ended and we will move to the next step to find out whose denim got faded the most beautifully. As we decided the winner in the same way we did for the TCB 50’s, TCB members shall decide the winner for this time as well.

Ever since the launch of TCB brand, I have seen many beautiful fades on our products, breathtaking landscapes all over the world, and many of your smiles on TCB fans’ faces, all of which is nothing more than jeans brought to me.

I have one thing coming up to my mind every now and then, which is that I wouldn’t have been able to meet so many fabulous people without TCB and jeans. In this sense, I always feel I should thank you all and appreciate the fact that TCB as a company gives me the opportunities to meet you all beyond the boarder and to get inspirations and motivations for the better products.
Once again I’d like to embrace this fact and always try to bear that in mind to meet the expectation for all denim heads.

In the last contest we had for TCB 50’s, it was so phenomenal that how beautifully and elegantly the denim from Volvo faded that it made me want to have a peek in his life style. This time’s contest will be as hard to decide who’s the winner for sure.

From this time, many Japanese took part in the contest too. I’m very interested in how you all from a different country feel about the denims faded in JP and how the weather in JP with very distinctive 4 seasons gave the fade on the jeans. So any comments are more than welcome:)

Very importantly, we plan to let you know who is the winner by 10th Nov here on the TCB blog.

We really appreciate your opinions. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

井上一/ Hajime Inoue

At last, please look at all the beautiful fades from the 18 contestants.

1. Kamei Senpai

2. Volvo


4.Uncle Carl

5. Mariano Vittori


6. Jigsaw

7. Nayuta

8. Milehigh Evertonian

9. NYC Surfer

10. Paul T

11. Bobbo

12. Srudy

13. Free Charles Manson

14. Cucoo

15. bartlebyyphonics

16. Inimitable N!

17. AgingProject

18. Foxy

皆様本当にありがとうございました。 Thank you all again!


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